Name: Amy Carparelli

Career: Physicist and Science Communicator

Age: 20’s

Sex: Female

Nationality: Anglo-Italian

Hobbies and Interests include: Photographer, Motor Biker, SuperKart Racer, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, Aviation-Airshows, Nature.

In my spare time: I enjoy spending time with family and friends, going to airshows and learning about aviation, racing my SuperKart, working on engines, riding my motorbike, eating, drinking Italian and continental coffees and trying different teas, gaming (usually big free roam open world) computer games, testing out my retro gaming equipment, looking for fossils/stones/shells/minerals, researching, listening to heavy rock/metal and some 80’s music, hiking, boating, watching wildlife, and photography. I was an Army Cadet for 6 years and a volunteer helping to train cadets for a year.

Sports incl: SuperKart racing, Axe Throwing, flat/lawn green bowls, Boules, bocce, and I did play blitz and rapid chess.

Collections: Minerals. Fossils, Shells, Stones etc. Retro gaming equipment. Teddy Bears.