My Body is Me!

“My Body is Me!”

By children’s poet Rachel Rooney and illustrated by Jessica Ahlberg

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We decided to review “My Body is Me!” following some controversy surrounding its publication. The book itself is a rhyming picture book, aimed at 3-6 year olds, and the author Rachel Rooney is a trained teacher in Primary and Special Education and has particular interest and experience working with pupils with ASC (Autism).

Autism is something I have personal experience with. As a child my autism created problems with communication in early childhood. As an adult I’ve managed to overcome the problems I experienced as a child and now possibly have an extra edge being able to highlight potential issues other people often overlook or completely miss.

On viewing Rachel Rooney’s Website here: this paragraph gives a description for the book “My Body is Me!”

The paragraph reads: “This book introduces young children to the workings of the human body, and celebrates similarities and differences while challenging sex stereotypes. It also aims to promote a positive self-image and foster self-care skills. The text is inclusive for children with physical or sensory disabilities.”

The book combines delightful and inspiring children’s poetry with beautiful illustrations giving children and parents a positive message about how children perceive themselves. “My Body is Me!” promotes similarities and differences, challenges sex stereotypes, is positive about children being and expressing themselves, learning and discovering, and has an inclusive narrative.

We highly recommend “My Body is Me!” by poet Rachel Rooney and illustrated by Jessica Ahlberg. I’m sure I would have loved this book when I was a child. Read, reviewed and discussed by Amy and Alessandro Carparelli.