Our Friend Heather


Heather has made many friends and contacts over the years, all over the world from different walks of life. I am just one of the friends, and I am very fortunate to have found Heather and to be friends with her. Heather and I have talked about a lot of different subjects including but not limited to: our lives, families, politics, science, history, comedy, nature, New Zealand and more. I admire Heathers determination and passion for things. She has been working long and hard on researching and writing, on her own beautiful part of the internet, her website ‘Heather’s Homilies’, even with her discomfort due to her disabilities, Heather has persevered and has achieved so much and reached out across the world to so many people.

I have always liked the name ‘Heather’ “evergreen flowering plant.”, and with knowing Heather Hastie as a person, her character, and as a friend, my fondness for the name has deepened. Heather Hastie also sounds like a superhero name and in my personal opinion; this is how I perceive her.  

I love Heathers passion, the way she writes, and the look of Heather’s Homilies including the wonderful artwork of the Kiwi bird looking at us in the banner with books around her – definitely fits Heather and her character. Heather’s Homilies is only a part of Heather, and it is part of her personality, part of what makes Heather stand out from the crowd. She has put a lot of time and energy into Heather’s Homilies over the years. She is a kind and generous person, independent, passionate, compassionate, understanding, she is highly intelligent, it is impossible not to see and feel this when talking with Heather personally, or when going through her website posts. She also helped give me a gently nudge to start up my website RatedAwww in 2017.

My friendship with Heather has never been about the gifts. With or without gifts she is and always will be my friend, and a friend of my family. These gifts are special to me though. Heather has sent other gifts which we have, just wanted to share a few and a message for Heather.

The New Zealand Rugby Kiwi and Friends Kiwi Bird. This little one does the Haka when hugged or squeezed. This little Kiwi spends a lot of time looking down at me when I am at my work desk, and has done some travelling with me. Always something to remind me of Heather not that I ever forget Heather obviously.

This message is from a label on a New Zealand Rugby Kiwi and Friends Kiwi Bird Heather sent to me all the way from New Zealand to the UK. One of a number of gifts she very generously gifted to me.

“A true friend is always there”

This is true, for true friends like Heather. She has given me a lot of useful advice, support, always the voice of reason with her knowledge and experience, and because she is a true friend to all her friends around the world.

Heather sent this to me when we were talking about bunnies, hand made bunnies that is and she named a hand made bunny after me.

Heather sent us a big bumper box of tea. This little teapot was inside the box. This little koala spends a lot of time clinging to different things.

Little New Zealand Rugby Kiwi Bird has a message from everyone here for Heather “We love Heather xxx”.

Beautiful New Zealand keyring Heather gifted to us. I know I should use it for my keys, but it’s too nice and a gift from a very special friend. I like to keep it safe and show it to people when I tell them about our good friend Heather Hastie who lives in New Zealand.

Heathers love for her home is inspiring.

Our conversations about New Zealand inspired me to find videos of kiwi birds, kākāpōs, natures time-lapse videos of New Zealand at night and the stars in the night sky. Heather shares videos of all these things and more on her website ‘Heather’s Homilies’.

Heather has always had a way with words and describing things. ‘Heather’s Homilies’ for example, is catchy and fits what she has been doing with her website.

Always up for a debate, great conversation, good listener, very articulate with how she expresses herself. She is honest and to the point. There is so much I admire and respect about Heather, so much I could type here.

I have rushed to try and get some things about Heather on my website as quickly as I can. I will add more when I can, and there’s so much a want to say about Heather and too Heather. Heather if you ever read this, and even if you don’t have chance. You will always have a place here on my website as long as you are OK with that. I’m not good at typing like you are.

To my wonderful friend Heather, you always have been, and will continue to be my friend. Love Amy xxx